It's harder than it should be to make an informed vote

This is the first election I’ve actually spent time researching the individual candidates before voting, there are 17 candidates so as you can imagine it took quite a long time, and even though I spent Friday Evening, most of Saturday and Sunday evening on it, I still made some mistakes which I found out once I sent and email to every candidate informing them that I had written and published the blog.

I don’t have time to do this for the European election unfortunately and that’s a problem a lot of people have we just don’t have the time to research the candidates properly.

That’s not the only problem, often the electorate aren’t actually educated enough on how local, national or European governance works, the candidates often give out very little information on what they plan to do once they have been elected and often this information even when they do send it out can be hard to find.

Which results in our current situation where candidates spend thousands of euro on posters that show their face, name and party affiliation. This shouldn’t be influencing our vote! I should be able to get enough information on my local candidates to make an informed decision within 2 hours and we should really start talking about how we can make that happen.

I’ll finish off with a fantastic video made by a vlogger calling out MEP candidates on being misleading, running on issues that aren’t related to the job they are running for and lacking solid promises