Helm apiVersion Fix

In Kubernetes 1.16 deployment is no longer available in extensions/v1beta1, apps/v1beta1, and apps/v1beta2, if you are using a helm chart written for an earlier version there is a very simple fix to make it work for Kubernetes 1.16.

You can see the full details on this update on the Kubernetes website here. The solution as stated in that blog post is to run the kubectl convert -f <file> which will update the helm template to the latest version. You can hook that into helm using the --post-renderer option which executes the command provided in that argument with the template as input and then deploys the output.

To get that working with kubectl which doesn’t take input through standard in you can just use the following script:

tmpfile=$(mktemp /tmp/abc-script.XXXXXX)
cat <&0 > $tmpfile
kubectl convert -f $tmpfile
rm $tmpfile

I call it update-api-version.sh so you can use do --post-renderer ./update-api-version.sh as long as you chmod +x update-api-version.sh. If you are doing this in terraform you will want to add an argument to your helm_release like this:

resource "helm_release" "resource-name" {
    binary_path = "./update-api-version.sh"

Comment if you found this useful!